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Partnership Benefits 

Administrative Services

Establishing and handling all "back-office" operations including document preparation, invoicing and

Marketing Support

Creation and hosting of your website plus business development and marketing guidance leading to new opportunities.


Creating and sustaining an active nationwide Peer Community, synthesizing consultative business and social benefits

Once a partner is engaged, the NationalRiskNetwork Team will provide ongoing administrative services, marketing and partnership support.

Administrative Services

  • Preparation of all necessary digital business documents, forms, letters, procedures, protocols, white papers, invoices and intern templates (and updates of all periodically)

  • Creating your "center of influence contact list" format

  • Creating your standard Client Consulting Agreement form

  • Invoicing and collections of all Client fees (using NationalRiskNetwork timesheet template)

  • Maintenance of Partner's customized "merchandise store", including promotional jackets, shirts, pens, and more through our existing high quality, cost-effective business partner.

  • Maintenance of Errors and Omissions insurance covering all NationalRiskNetwork Partners (each Partner is advised to secure their own Business Office Package policy covering minimal BPP as well as General Liability and H+N-O Auto Liability). 
              In essence, all of the things you don't want to do!


Marketing Support

  • Creation, maintenance, updating of Partner's website, addresses and domain

  • NationalRiskNetwork will guide the Partner through creation and population of the invaluable "center of influence contact list" along with upkeep protocols to be followed, and will outline best practices for business acceleration

  • NationalRiskNetwork will share and enable utilization of all success stories; we all know that "while facts tell, stories sell".  Stories may be published by and credited to the Partner 

  • NationalRiskNetwork will invest and engage in regular and frequent digital and social media marketing to increase brand awareness


                ​All Partners benefit from NationalRiskNetwork marketing successes!

new biz


  • Business Roundtables around which Partners may share experiences, best practices, ask for help, locate requisite resources and/or experts and perhaps partner for success

  • Monthly (virtual) Educational Seminars available featuring industry leaders and subject matter experts

  • Quarterly (virtual) Partner Gatherings for communal updates and sharing of business development and other challenges and opportunities

  • Annual (in-person) Conference of Partners, an opportunity for our craftspeople to personally gather, along with significant others, for a blend of business and social interaction


The NationalRiskNetwork operates as a team sharing experiences, opportunities, and                camaraderie as professional peers!



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